Wild Strawberry, Fragaria vesca

9 Jul

Fragaria vesca, alpine strawberry

Want an easy, rewarding plant to grow? How about a plant with the best tasting strawberries you’ve ever tried?  There’s a reason that fine restaurants and gourmands the world over seek this berry- it’s truly better than any mega-farm strawberry grown. Berries are small, sweet, and everbearing. Perfect for the cottage garden!

Commonly called the Woodland or Alpine Strawberry, this variety is Fragaria vesca.

These perennial plants reproduce by seed and stolons.  Zones 4-7 work best. Plant in full sun to partial shade.  Prefers well draining, slightly acidic soil.  Amend sandy and clay soils with organic compost or mulch.  Currently in stock and shipping in our Amazon and Etsy stores.


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